Benefits Of Massage – All You Need To Know About Benefits Of Massage Theraphy (Infographics)

Benefits of massage

Benefits of Massage Therapy

What are the benefits of massage therapy? Massage therapy may be a treatment approach that is growing in demand and recognition. It had been once thought of an alternate or fringe approach, but it’s currently turning into rather more mainstream.

Massage therapy not any longer accessible only through luxury spas and upmarket health clubs. Today, massage therapy is obtainable in businesses, clinics, hospitals and even airports. If you have never tried massage, find out about its potential health benefits and what to expect throughout a massage therapy session.

Or the other way, you can buy such as massage chair and then just need to sit in your chair and get relax at home. Here are some benefits of massage therapy.


benefits of massage


benefits of massage therapy


infographic benefits of massage therapy
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Massage Therapists nowadays use their information of physiology and anatomy to mix ancient Swedish and trendy massage therapy techniques with different therapies to treat their purchasers. There has been a good kind of analysis, printed in peer reviewed journals, proving the advantages of massage therapy for numerous conditions.

Risks of massage

Most people can benefit from massage. However, massage may not be appropriate if you have:

  • Bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication
  • Burns or healing wounds
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fractures
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Severe thrombocytopenia

Some sorts of massage will leave you feeling a little sore the next day. However, massage should not commonly be painful or uncomfortable. If any a part of your massage does not feel right or is painful, speak up directly. Most serious issues return from an excessive amount of pressure throughout massage.

And, massage therapy may also be used as a part of a preventative care program. This includes sports training, injury interference, in progress stress management, and more. Furthermore, you and your expert can develop a treatment arrange based on your desires. Most of all, you can change the treatment plan at any time and you have got no obligation to endure any a part of treatment. So, your treatment begins once you’ve got given your consent.

10 Best Massage Chair Reviews – Guide by Home Improvism Expert

best massage chair in the world

What is the Best Massage Chair?

Best Massage Chair - Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair
Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

When you turn off to your home after work entire day, get tired and need for relaxation, would you mind to spend more time to go to gym or spa to do relaxation session? This will take you more time to go home and money. Or the other way, you can buy massage chair and then just need to sit in your chair and get relax after work? Well, massage chair is a nice furniture that completely your home.   When you want to buy massage chair, there are wide range style, brand, price and intensity available in market. You will need great deal and experiences for understanding which products that can best work with you. From the wide range massage chair, here are list of best massage chair that recommended for you to choose and buy.

Product NameImageReviewPriceCHECK ON AMAZON
Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800*****$$$$Home Improvism
Real Relax Full Body
Massage Chair Recliner
Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800****$$$Home Improvism
Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in HeatBest Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800**$$$$Home Improvism
Best Choice Products PU Leather
Massage Recliner Ottoman
Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800****$$Home Improvism
FIVE S FS8812 10-MotorBest Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800*****$Home Improvism
BestMassage® EC-06
(Brown Version)
Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800***$$$Home Improvism
Gideon GD-MSG-CS2Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800****$Home Improvism
KAHUNA SM7300Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800******$$$$$Home Improvism
Mr DirectBest Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800****$$$Home Improvism
BestMassage® EC-06 Massage Chair
Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800****$$$Home Improvism

Massage Chair Reviews

  1. Kahuna Message Chair  L-Track Zero Gravity Full Body Recliner LM-6800

Best Massage Chair - Kahuna LM6800
Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Home Improvism

The first recommended massage chair is Kahuna massage chair. Kahuna massage chair L-Track Zero Gravity Full Body Recliner LM-6800 is massage chair that recommended for you who want to relax at your home in anytime. Have limited space? Do not worry for space to storage or place, because the massage chair has designed to be fit well ion anywhere.  The ergonomic design provides the best experience of massage. The space saving technology just needs about 3 inches from wall.

As you order from Amazon, you will get your massage chair on your home in fast.  The options offer from this massage chair feature is the feet roller and calf. The massage chair will massage to entire back until to your butt. The Yoga setting will mix 30 minutes massage therapy with stretching session.  The session will feel such as you are back over in a gym balls.  The massage chair is able to control in manual or automatic method.

The pros: What to look at this massage chair that makes this massage chair becomes the best? First, there is easy and superb assembly to do even by yours. You might need one other person to help for assembly. But after all, it is great to have this massage chair in your home.  Second, the massage do by the massage chair is great. This massage chair hit the point in accurate so users are able to choose in what point that they need to be heal or relaxed. The best part from this massage chair, it is affordable with the gorgeous chair feature added. Next, there are many custom setting o9r hack options for massage setting up. The bath towel that set in over the upper shoulder and neck area makes pleasant for sitting in the chair.  If you feel it too strong, you can less the pressure.

The cons: well, the structure from this massage chair can be a less thing for those who want to have elegance massage chair. The chair base has comes with plastic and steel mix.  The plastic portion takes little, but keeps sturdy.  The foot roller is too strong, and those might makes users can feel pain.  The effect appears do not because it is different rollers such as others found in market, but because the fabric between feet and rollers is too thin.  The other con is the minute time session. It is said that the massage time session take 30 minutes,  but then truth is it takes 15 minutes first and then next 15 minutes next session.

  1. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner- Zero Gravity Shiatsu, Armrest Linkage system with Heater Brown

Best Massage Chair - Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair
Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

Home Improvism
If you are short person, then this is pretty nice massage chair that you need to buy. This massage chair is totally comfortable, especially in mode Zero Gravity. This zero gravity massage chair assembly just need about 15 minutes. This chair is best worthy to comply with price under $1000. To adjust and get best relax position while seat in this massage chair, when the chair in reclining position, press down your legs and the unit will move as you immerse in total relaxation position. The massage chair as comfort as sitting chair. The massage chair is heavy and big.

The pros: The remote control does the good massage job setting.  Users are able to configure the options that they want to experience in setting up.   There are tons options to fit with different users wish.  The heat and vibrations are strong and also for the air bags. The control pad is very easy and you can adjust into level you want. Users are able to turn off the specific areas to not activate or use the air compressor, for example on arms parts. The massage chair also has less noise and relatively quiet.  The customer service respond is also good. For that unit who get broken parts or not work in well performance, they will send the new parts and the mechanic to see the problem.

The cons: The electronic control can be a lacking features in this massage chair. When chair in recliner position, users are unable to interrupt message. When the message stopped, the chair will return back to the non-recliner position. Next, the message strength is unable to adjust.  The leg airbags can make users feel pain.  The same way also for height where it is unable to adjust and it makes some spots makes painful because this can be hard for lower person beyond 6 feet. This can result pain for those who need just small relaxation, not a strong message session.  It is best for having correct posture or you cannot get the main point to get massage.  The airbags feel so restraining into legs, arms, waist, and shoulder and makes you feel cannot move.

The overall user interface is look too old.  The unit is send into different two parts. The other thing that comes with the issues is the remote. It is not durable as it is easily too broken. The chair is also trend to burp or chirp when it done to use.

  1. Ideal Massage Chair New Featured Luxury Shiatsu  Chair Built

shiatsu massage chair
Best Valued Massage Chair New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Masssage

Home Improvism

The third recommended massage chair is Ideal Massage Chair New Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built. The price is below $2000. With the price, this massage chair might become the perfect massage chair to choose. It has all features of common massage chair offered in the market. It featured with body scan before start to massage in next 30 minutes massage therapy session.   This chair have a nice looking massage chair design. There is a lot of setting options available for users. The customer service is also adorable and knowledgeable. For users who have problem, they will send the video to repair and fix it.

 The pros:  The setting up is easy and the performance also great in massage session. The massage chair has different setting up for massage therapy session. This is best option for person who does not like to have massage chair in stretched out and ponded. The air bag is pretty well and it also performs the strong and solid grip. The rollers ball has long lengths and this can cover the entire back down and tailbone.

The ball is push up to your feet but it actually does not rolled up. The heater gives warmer sensation in little bit time.  The rollers are push side to side. The bottom of feet will contact with the rolls and pushed towards into foot pressure points.   The chair is also added with wheels. This makes users are easier to move this massage chair.  As the chair has adjustable massage strength, children are able to use without feeling pain.  There are 3 positions available and give smooth massage.

The cons: If you are looking for quite massage chair, this can be an option. But you might annoy with the “beeps” sounds from remote control. There are no mute sound option, so when you need to adjust, you might disturb with the sound. The recline function is the preset so you might want to have other setting when you use this The ball is push up to your feet but it actually does not rolled up. The heater gives warmer sensation in little bit time.  It is best for adding pillow in lower neck area. The massage chair do not massage at neck area.

  1. Ottoman  PI Leather Massage Recliner with Control, 5 Heats and Massage Modes

best massage chair 2018
PU Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman

Home Improvism
Well, for those who love elegance from leather chair, the ottoman PU Leather recliner massage chair is great to consider.  The modern design and deep colored black makes the massage chair perfect for create elegant design interior. For the space you need to place this massage chair, you will need a space at least 5X4 feet area for goes and out in. If you want to have massage chair that focus in certain area, this is best option for you. This massage chair will focus on your most sensitive areas especially in lower back, upper back, feet and thighs.  This is good massage chair for those who are looking for medium intense massage chair.

The pros: It is easy for install, comfortable, and also nice design features.  The texture from massage chair is soft and smooth.  The massage chair is durable. In case where children go into this massage chair and horsing into chair, it not broken at all. The foot rest gives best vibration massage performance. The smell from chair is like car seats but more comfort. The vibration in close to upper heads is intense and can result headaches if it too pain, but for the lower backs it is relaxing.

The cons: The vibrate system makes loud noise, so it look lack on makes you relax on your massage chair therapy session.  The operation is also confused. Users need to understand the function of remote work first. The ottoman is goes to small, therefore, for person that has big feet or calves, the design may not comfort enough.  It is good to have same width with the chair seat for ottoman. The electrical cord that uses for turn on ottoman vibrator is located between the seat and ottoman. This can be hazardous when users trip on it.   It is look like more as vibrating chair, not as massage chair.  This chair is also not a kneading massage chair.

  1. Five S DS8812 10 Motor Vibration Massage Cushion Seat with Heat

best massage chair brand
FIVE S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat – Neck – Shoulder – Back & Thigh Massager with Heat (Black)

Home Improvism
The 5th recommended massage chair is Five S DS8812 10 Motor Vibration Massage Cushion Seat with Heat.  This is affordable massage cushion seat that recommended for low budget massage chair.  If you are people that often feel stiff in your muscle, then this is best for you to buy. The massage chair is offer not so intense massage and no rolling balls, so it gives you with the smooth massage. The portable AC adapter makes this massage chair cushion can turn out the ordinary work chair into massage chair by placing this massage cushion.  The price takes under $100. The massage cushion is focus at certain areas such as neck, back, shoulder and thighs with soothing heat for the lowering back area.

The pros:  The thermal chill offer great result with tea tree oil and menthol that can add relaxing feeling to your brain. This deep relaxation so worthy in your economics massage chair. The thermal chill will soothing and warming to the affected area and then cooling after the therapy ended. The thermal chill is also good for increase blood flow that becomes good healing massage session fro person who works in chair in entire day.  The massage cushion is work well and exactly into the point that users need.  The massage cushion is added with straps that can be used for stay in place such as car chair. The heat and vibrate is so soothing to use.

The cons: When you buy this massage chair cushion, you might need to buy other products that can complete your massage therapy session. The function is also little noise when use. As this massage offer smooth massage, then if you need deep massage therapy, you can buy other that have shiatsu massage features. The massage chair will turn off after 30 minutes and users need to re-set it if they want to use it again. The head and neck massagers seems need to be adjusted into correct level if the users do not want to experience headaches when they use the massage chair.  The pad look settled into false area in the hit point so you need to position your head and neck to get best relaxation with the massage chair.

Note for buyer: if you are looking for shiatsu kneading massage chair, this is not the one. This massage chair cushion is only the vibration massage therapy not with rolling balls.

  1. Electric Full Body Shiatsu brown Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06C

best massage chair reviews
Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06C

Home Improvism
The next 6th recommended Electric Full Body Shiatsu brown Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06C. If you know that there are already previous series from this massage chair, this is the updated versions. This massage chair has updated designs, features and the functions that will maximize the function from the previous series. The design is classy and looks great for your home. The designs come with modern contemporary style.

The pros: The massage chair is pretty easy to assembly and need about 30 minutes to do. It has rollers, so it is easier to move into other room although the massage chair size is heavy and bulky. It is also nice to move into other position in easily. There is different functionality available. The remote control has tons of setting adjustments and detailed programs. The airbags are strong and it performs good massage jobs for chiropractic and pain management.

The cons: If you are person who are looking for high durable massage chair, then this can be last option to choose. Most of user’s report that this massage chair not work well after use in a year and beyond. There are no rollers in feet bottom so it can make you less feel the experience from entire relaxation massage. The massage session is nice, but in arm and legs, it does not come into surround arms and legs parts at all.  You will need to add extra padding for handle the deep pressure from the massages therapy. Although it perform good massage therapy, but sometimes it can be rough and painful. Therefore the extra padding is needed.  The length band height is preferred not for the short people. Users need to compromise their body posture when they use this massage chair.  The heat also has very minimal level.

  1. Gideon GD-MSG-CS2 Luxury Six Program Customizable Massaging Cushion  with Heat/Shiatsu deep Kneading, Rolling, Vibrating

best chair in the us
Gideon GD-MSG-CS2

Home Improvism
The next recommended massage chair is Gideon GD-MSG-CS2 Luxury Six Program Customizable Massaging Cushion.  For price under $100 this is luxury massage chair cushion that you need to buy. The massage chair cushion offers you professional massage session. The heat is awesome.  The heat features will help you to distress by radiated gentle warmth ion your body. The four massaging nodes will move up into entire back in up and down and users are able to select from full back massage, upper back massage or lower back massage.

There are 3 levels vibration and powerful rolling massage function. This is massage chair cushion that combine best features most you need in one tool. The car adapter function makes you able to use while you are in car. This is best for taking relax after long journey with your car.  If you are looking for portable massage chair, then this is best option to choose.

The pros: The deep kneading in this massage chair cushion is very relaxing to do. After taking 15 minutes setting the Shiatsu set up, the vibration will start at seat cushion and it so relaxing.  It is mobile. The massage chair cushion also have convenient strap in around body so users are able to take this massage chair cushion in anywhere include to car.  It is fit well into any chair and even into couch. Users are able to set up the point that they need to massage in accurately by using the Shiatsu mode.  Have you ever sleep while you are massage in massage chair? This massage chair have safety on auto off timer that able to set shut off the massage chair machine after 5, 10, 15 minutes.  The massage chair is easy to set up. Just open the box and take to chair.

The cons: This massage chair does not come with pillow such as other massage chair cushion does.  The vibration sound loud a bit but it is equal with the result of vibration massage that you want. The heat might less to fell, but it relaxes you while you are massaging in the chair. The designs does not have any curves with spine so if there is no fidgeting and flinching, users are unable to get proper massage for upper shoulder or the spine base. The massage hit to the middle back and dig deeply and feel like it climbing to inside and make pain. The heat is very low, so users sometimes are unable to feel the heat. The moves also slow in the rolling mode.

  1. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with New SL-Track with 6 Rollers (SM-7300)

Best Chair Massage Home

Home Improvism
The 8th recommended massage chair is Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with New SL-Track with 6 Rollers (SM-7300).  The Kahuna Massage Superior Massage chair is advanced with new development for best home massage chair experience. If you are looking for vibrating machine massage, then this machine is totally recommended for buy. Instead of 4 rollers, it has 6 rollers and corrects the issues from previous series, 6800 foot rollers. It has different intensity to try for different level massage. The massage chair has different modes, start from office worker, athlete, and yoga massage setting. The office worker mode will hit into neck and shoulder and for athlete, it will get to muscle point in correct.

The pros: The user friendly remote control is easier for understanding. It has acupoint detection system that has same function such as body scan that can detect the problem in your muscle and hit the accurate point to massage. This 49” length track makes users can experience the massage session from neck, shoulder to buttock areas. The size is big and this is best alternative chair for those people who have large size body. The sensory feature is work well. They hit into correct point that relax your body enough. The adjustable intensity also allows users for setting the massage intensity into right level with their body. The rollers function is work perfectly in medium intensity. The designed chair with S-L  track ( Spine –Glutes) becomes the main benefit that offered rather than other expensive competitor that only have S-track.

The cons: With so many features and detailed program adjustable to choose, users meet with terrible remote control user interface. The remote is very limited and you are unable to save customization that fit with your requirement. There is nothing intuitive program detail. Users are unable to save your preferred massage setting or massage mode or the preferences mode setting.  Foot massage can be rough and the company offer free padding to away the painful experience. The foot pad seems often to loosen from the chair position.  The chair is also look too wide for common average sized people. The zero gravity modes is not totally zero gravity at all.

  1. MR-Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu massage chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity with heat 

best massage chair in the world
Mr Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity with Heat

Home Improvism
The 9th recommended massage chair is MR-Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu massage chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity with heat.  The price is under $1000. The design is simple without any futuristic design that makes it look superb, elegant and classy look. If you love to have relaxation with heat, this massage chair is great option for you. After couples minute the massage session, the chair will release heat that will touch the point that you need to relax.

The pros: The massage chair is easy for assembly.  The massage chair gives the great job for Shiatsu massage chair that different from other Shiatsu massage chair offers. The Shiatsu massage roller will dig into your body and perhaps, some people can feel it pain enough. However, it will make your muscle relax more after the session.

The cons:  If you are wondering for high durability and strength material for this massage chair, then you might need to consider again. The material in some parts is made from plastic. This might makes you worry especially if you have heavy weight and wonder whether it will broke or not when you seat in the chair. Next cons, this is not perfect for any body size. For person with 6” this chair will be perfectly fit with the body. But for shorter person, less from 5”, the feet are unable to touch the bottom, so they might unable to massage their foot. For larger size, the chair can feel so tight, especially when the airbags start to push body from the entire directions.

Still with size issue, the massage chair takes much space room in your room, especially when the mode “zeros gravity” or “down” mode set up. The chair will open into flat position and when it goes into flat position, it will take length about 6 feet from the top chair into end feet. Therefore, you need to take at least 3 inch space from wall to set the chair into these two modes setting. With the size, it also goes into heavy weight, so it might make you hard and difficult to move into other area. However, with the price, the features from this massage chair are unbeatable from low budget massage chair.

  1. Electric Full Body Shiatsu massage chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest  06 

best massage chair 2017
Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06

Home Improvism
The last 10th massage chair is Electric Full Body Shiatsu massage chair recliner stretched foot rest 06. The price is below $1000 and it is best price you can get from entire full body massage chair type. The massage chair has very high end recliner design and it can be nice furniture to go in your home. This is good for those who have small family room. The size is big and the buyer probably needs to hire person for assembly. It can be moved to another room and position in easily way.  However, for you who think for high quality massage chair, you might read for other user’s reviews to say that this massage chair is not durable enough, even for a year.  The heat is till to foot to feel.

The pros: This is the best reason item to buy with the price. The massage point hit the low back and high and this also work well into your neck point. There are tons of setting and functionality for the massage chair. There are detailed programs available to set and easy to understand. The massage chair is price worthy fit with the price spend.  The arm and legs massage session is great.

The cons: There are no roll feet on chair. If you want to have long lasting massage chair, then it is recommended for buying the Square Trade Warranty when you buy the item. There is no warranty provided excerpt you buy the extended warranty.  There are no replacements for new unit and the customer service is terrible.

The Best Massage Chair Is


Best Chair Massage Home

Home Improvism
Well, after read the reviews of massage chair beyond, then the best recommended massage chair that you might need to consider first when you want to buy massage chair is Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with New SL-Track with 6 Rollers (SM-7300).  This chair has advanced features that worthy with the prices spend for the chair. The warranty and the supported service can keep users peace of mind when they meet with the problem in their massage chair. This can be a worthy investment for your home relaxation and massage spa with the affordable medium price massage chair.

Where to buy massage chair?

Now,  you dont have to visit all store to see massage chair price and brand. If you’re curious wherever to buy massage chairs on-line, a decent place to see is Amazon. There are totally different brands and models obtainable on the market, and it permits to see real user feedback before purchase